Thursday, March 23, 2017

It's a slow burner, but it's coming together.

I've been getting comfortable at Artisans Asylum, been building up my space and working on my printer quite a bit.

From the Outside.
Messy just means that somethings getting done.
Been working continuously on a project for a while now. It's based around a publicly available data-set loaded onto an SD card.

Layout of circuitry.
Sizing the enclosure around the circuitry.
Modeling the enclosure for 3D printing

Exploded View (Color Coded)

Electronics testing

Making the electronics mounting plate.

Paint Prep.


Making custom ribbon cables for easy wiring inside the case.

Some more aluminum fabrication, attaching this to a HP-LED and a servo

All the electronics assembled.

I'm working on printing the case now and finalizing it for a final assembly. From there some debugging and I'll soon have a finished piece. So far: 47 hours invested.

I'll update once I get more done.