Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Just a quick update.

Been working with flexible filaments, playing with the infill percentage. The one on the left is 15% and the one on the right is 5% infill. It's quite a difference.

In other news, GIFs are fun.

- Mac

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Finishing Post-Printing

I've been trying out a few techniques for finishing out prints to a surface I'd like to touch, with some success. I decided to try out a smooth on product, XTC-3D, a resin that is supposed to smooth out layering in prints.

Before finishing -

Sanding out most of the large layers and wayward strands with 150grit - 

First coating of the resin - 

After that, I applies another application of resin and painted with spray-paint, sanded with 400 grit, and coated it with glossy spray enamel.

Final results - 

It's incredibly smooth.

10/10 would resin again.